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Summer is is the perfect time to join us in our literacy summer camp. We also offer tutoring year round.

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Colorado's Best Dyslexia and Literacy Summer Camp

2022- Registration Closed.

contact us for next year's list.

Did you know we tutor year-round?

Goes from June 6th - July 8th, 8:15 - 11:30 or 9:15 a.m - 12:30;
registration closes Friday - May 27th.
Monday - Friday
We welcome kids entering 1st - 9th grades who struggle with literacy or are Dyslexic. 

Join us for intensive Orton-Gillingham reading instruction, STEAM/Entrepreneurship
math/writing - hands-on, fun, life-changing! 


(We offer a special advocacy program
to engage the older students.)

Camp Locations: 

1800 N Pontiac St.

(St. Elizabeth School; Montview & Quebec)

  Lakewood / Littleton  

4000 S Wadsworth Blvd

Littleton, CO 80123

(Havern school)


"I sent my boys to the Super Stars summer camp with Every Child Reading. The results were staggering.  We received immediate positive feedback from their teachers the following semester.  My 10-year-old improved so much that the teachers were wondering why my child was in getting extra help. 


Both boys are now reading at grade level and are actually corky in their behavior because they can read with comprehension and rebut me in discussions. It's frustrating and yet rejuvenating at the same time, remembering how they suffered from a lack of confidence 6 years ago."
— B.L., January 2022

"I hate to say, it but I really wish I was still at camp, I really miss it."
— Will, (camper), 2021

"From my perspective, this was the single best learning experience my child has ever experienced. He learned so much, I was amazed and impressed.  From his point of view, he has said he cannot wait to return. Thank you!"   
— M. J., July 2021


"Working at camp every summer reminds me of why I became a teacher.  I get to really dig in with my students and it feels so good. A big Thank You for the opportunity!"
— L.K., ​
August 2021

"Wow, I am soooo impressed with the STEAM teachers. My daughter is so comfortable and the teachers are really having her talking and getting into the discussion more than I have ever heard her talk!!! This is amazing!!!
She loved her tutor yesterday and is so very excited to work with him as well. 

She was so excited to get on the call today! Well, she already wants to come back next year and can’t wait to get back online the next day."

— S.D., June 2020
"Again, I want to express my delight with this camp! My son has never before expressed so much excitement and enthusiasm about "school" lol."  June, 2020 S.K.
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2021 Chivari -rehearsal hall
Change their world.
Change yours.
Literacy changes everything.