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What will the day look like for students?
Our days begin with a community gathering.  Given that we are going virtual we will break the students into smaller groups to get to know each other with activities to create a community of likeminded friends. A typical day for students will either begin with either a tutoring session or hands-on project STEAM-based math, writing project which will be the opportunity to reinforce what they have learned during tutoring; and finally, time to read aloud, which is essential to growth and supports mastery of reading skills. Students will virtually move from one session to the next with their peers. There also will be movement, fun, brain, and snack breaks.  Parents will provide the snacks.


Why is the camp five weeks?
Intensity makes a difference. During the school year, students are bombarded with information and demand. This intensive five-week period will give them a daily focus on literacy without the stress of homework.


What if my child is currently in tutoring?
This program should only enhance good tutoring.  We would be happy to chat with your tutor and see what they are doing and how we can ensure to support their work.


Can my child miss time?
This is an intensive five-week program; time missed is at your discretion. However, since the program is so rigorous and concentrated, it is strongly recommended that students are committed and attend regularly to get the most optimal benefit out of our program.

How am I going to talk my child into what seems to be more school?
Tricky. We could say, based on past years, that kids really love the experience and particularly love the resulting confidence and skills. Further, it quickly becomes difficult to get kids to go home when they share this camp experience with the safety of knowing they are with kids who are “just like them”. That said, both the unknown and the prospect of “more school” is difficult to explain. We would be happy to talk to your child or perhaps have him or her meet other kids who could share their experience.


How will I know if this helped my child?
We will be doing pre and post-assessments, which will help guide our instruction and give parents an understanding of what their child learned over the summer. While it is our hope that all students make good gains, for some students the ability to maintain skills is essential. We will provide reports with this information, as well as suggested instruction techniques and accommodations to provide to your student’s school.


What about breaks?
At each transition, students will have a few minutes to do movement and activities to keep them connected. They also will have the opportunity to eat a snack.  Given the feedback we have received we will make sure that moving and fun are built into every session.




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