Super Star Summer Camp 2021 - registration opens January 15th, 2021

We know our team of passionate, experienced educators is dedicated to providing one-to-one or very small group expert intervention to support individualized instruction to meet the needs of your child via an e-learning platform.   Engagement with a flair, embracing the silly and the fun.  We build relationships of trust and respect with our campers and families that extend beyond our camp sessions. We build community.

Building literacy, math, and writing skills, self-esteem, and confidence for student who want summer support, struggle or have dyslexia.  This is a time for them to thrive and learn.


We are very excited to invite you to be a part of our supportive community and join us for the 6th year of our life-changing, confidence-building, literacy camp. While we cannot be on campus together this summer or tech experts have worked diligently to create a smooth system that will provide out teachers tools and our student's excellent intervention. We are offering a program created specifically to build and improve skills in reading and spelling, with additional support in writing and math. This camp is designed for students entering 1st - 9th grade who are identified with dyslexia or who otherwise struggle with reading, spelling, writing, and math.


We welcome older students into our advocacy program and love to have them support our younger students!

On-site camp
Monday - Fridays's - 8:45 - 12:15
West - Lakewood/Littleton
Hampden and Wadsworth
Leetsdale and Quebec
Boulder - tbd
Funday Fridays 

Virtual Camp

Monday - Thursday -  8:00 - 10:30 or 10:00 - 12:30 MDT - Virtually



Program Format  


Reading Tutoring: small groups (maximum of 2  well-matched students; with a one-to-one option available).

STEAM Math/Writing Projects (we will provide all materials): skill level groups.

Oral Reading - this optional opportunity connects our students with our teen helpers and supports their practice if they choose to participate.

Rehearsal Hall - onsite - we practice all of our skill so that they get stronger!

Keyboarding, Intensive Math, Intensive Writing: Available by special arrangement and an additional fee.

Who Are The Teachers?

We have a staff of highly qualified Orton Gillingham (Y-OG) trained specialists consisting of special and general educators from the Denver Metro area.  Each of these exceptional educators is passionate about kids and especially those with literacy struggles, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. Our Executive Director, Elenn Steinberg, is Wilson and International Dyslexia Association Certified and highly skilled in the OG methodology. She is a partner in Orton Gillingham International, one of the most highly respected OG organizations in the US and abroad. Our Director, Shane Baxter, is a Speech-Language Pathologist currently with the Cherry Creek School district.  He is in the process of his Orton-Gillingham Certification is a Certified Trainer for Orton-Gillingham International.



ORTON-GILLINGHAM READING INTERVENTION: Groups will be a maximum of 4 students who are well-matched in skill level, personality, and focus. Small group teaching allows students to support each other and feel more confident. There also is an opportunity for one-on-one instruction if that best fits the student.

Math/ Writing STEAM/Entrepreneurship:  STEAM is an educational approach that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students are free to wonder, investigate, explore, discuss, design, and “think outside the box.”  Each week there will be a new area of STEAM; including, science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, and art where the Super Star campers will complete various hands-on projects. Do you think designing a robot would be fun? What are your thoughts on building a catapult? Does a nature scavenger hunt sound exciting? These activities and many more are all a part of our new STEAM/Entrepreneurship block. Join us and show us your personality, be creative, problem-solve, collaborate with other campers, and have loads of fun doing it!  At the same time, we will explore what it means to be an Entrepreneur.  How cool is that?

REHEARSAL HALL:  This hour is effectively a 3rd hour of intervention as the students go into depth with hands-on work provided by their tutor.  This reinforces skills that have been taught and solidifies knowledge. Students have lots of assistance and support often provided by older students with dyslexia who are amazing role models.


Program Pricing

5 weeks - June 7th -  July 16th, 2021



On-site Super Star Camp fee includes: tutoring, STEAM BASED writing/ math, rehearsal hall and Funday Fridays.  One to one tutoring - $ 2650.00, small group no larger than groups of 4 well-matched students $1990.00

Virtual Camp - 2 1/2 engaging, well planned hours, Orton-Gillingham tutoring, STEAM-based math/writing. 30 minutes Oral reading practice (optional)

  • 1 Student with one Tutor - $1600.00, Small Group - no more than 4 students with One Tutor - $1350.00 

  • One on One Tutoring

  • Limited financial aid is available 

  • Seeking tutoring - contact us for available options


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