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Tutoring Services are year-round!

Meet your child's needs throughout the year with our Orton-Gillingham experts. Let's talk more about how we can meet your child's individual needs.

Areas Served

VIRTUAL - recommended




Castle Rock

Highlands Ranch



Anchorage, AK

Turtle Lake, WI




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Sarah k. (about virtual tutoring)

Our daughter has been very enthusiastic about working with Luke. In my meeting with Luke he seemed to be a very knowledgeable reading guide. Luke is also very prompt with his communications with us. We’re excited to work with him (our daughter has only had two sessions so far).

Laura W. (about virtual tutoring)

Elizabeth brought out the absolute best in Caleb during each tutoring session! His progress was pronounced enough that his homeroom teacher noticed it. Thank you for your patience has Caleb navigated a tougher year than we had anticipated. Elizabeth's tutoring sessions were sometimes the only bright spots in Caleb's week. There is a special place in "Tutor's Heaven" that you will go to after playing so many rounds of Snakes & Ladders with him - LOL!

Mary Kate r. (about in-person tutoring)

Kim is amazing with Reed. She has make great progress with her. Kim is able to get Reed engaged. Reed looks forward to working with Kim.
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